22 blogging mistakes that are stooping you from becoming successful

blogging mistakes that people make

Many of us can only dream of life that successful bloggers are living. These people have financial freedom and they work whenever and wherever they want.

Do you want to be one of those bloggers?  If your answer is yes, then you should stop making these mistakes.

If you keep making these mistakes, you won’t become highly successful.

Whether you are an affiliate marketer or you are a writer at a company or someone else, blogging can help you a lot.

Many people make many blogging mistakes that prevent them from gaining the full benefit of blogging.

Okay, let’s get into it. We have a lot to cover here.

1: Thinking in short term and Lack of Patience

thinking in short term

This is one of the biggest blogging mistakes that people make. People not just have a misconception about the effort required in becoming a successful blogger, but also about the time, that it takes to become a successful blogger.

Many people consider the idea of making money online an easy task, which can be done with less work and in no time. 

And as you know by now that reality is different. You have to wait and think in long terms to become a successful blogger.

When people think in short term, they get discouraged because it takes more time than they think.

Many people start thinking that idea of blogging is a scam and no one can actually make money. Guess what? Most people give up! That’s so said ):

And it all happen because of misconception and thinking in short term.

People don’t realize what the power of hard work over a long period of time can do.

When you put effort for the long amount of time in blogging, you see Bloggers like Jitendra Vaswani and Harsh Agarwal.


Don’t think in short term. You may not see results as quickly as you may have thought or predicted.

And never think of Giving up because if you give up you will never become successful. Hence, your chances of success become ZERO.

On the other hand, if you don’t give and keep working, your chances of successful will be higher. I think you are smart enough to realize that you should not give up.

It’s not just about positive thinking but also about math (probability) and common sense. I will talk about this in greater detail later in a post.

2: Not focusing on Specific topic

not focusing on specific topic

Many bloggers write about too broad stuff. They never build the reputation as the expert on the specific topic.

Many bloggers fear that they will run out of topics and because of that they start writing about anything that comes to their mind, which is a bad practice.

Before writing the post, think about your brand and about your readers. What you’re trying to achieve and what your readers want.

If you write a blog for a business, then it’s necessary that you consider what company is about and how much relevant is your posts to company’s Goals.

 In case if you don’t write for a brand or company, then think about the area that you’re trying to build a reputation. Think about the topic that you want to be the expert on.

Many bloggers decide the topic, but they never narrow it down. They try to cover every aspect of the topic, which leads to lack of focus on the blog.

Your blog posts represent your brand and you. So, try your best to stick to the specific topic and don’t try to get too broad.

Writing on the too broad topic also confuses your readers and it does not send the good message to them.


Before writing your next blog post, define exactly what your specific area of focus is. And then stick to it.


3: Considering word count

Many bloggers mainly focus on number words rather than conveying their message or solving their audience problem.

Your goal is not to write 3000 words pots on every keywords or topic. Remember, as a blogger you try to solve some sort of problem.

If you can provide the solution to the problem in 400 words, then you don’t need to extend it by including irrelevant or jargon in the post.

Even though it has been proven that longer post, ranging from 1000-3000, do well and get more shares, it’s still not a huge factor.


While writing the post, don’t consider word count.

Just try to focus on the solution of the problem and if you feel like you can solve the specific problem in 500 words, then don’t extend only because of word count.

Focus on what you are trying to achieve through the post not on how much long you can make it.

4: Copying the content: plagiarism

Many bloggers think that no one noticed or will know if they are using someone else content. Copying content does not provide any value to the readers.

Why someone will visit your website if you have the same content as another and chances are that website from which you copied the content is more reputable than your website.



The solution of the problem is really simple: write the content by yourself and stop copying! You can never get success by copying content.

Now, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to be successful or not.

5: Not using media in their pots

Want to write Longer? Ever consider using more media in your posts. They say that a picture is worth A Thousand words.

What about the video? Probably more than thousand words.

Using images and videos can not only convey more information but it also helps your readers in understanding and saves their time.

More use of media means more share and more readers. Images and videos can set you apart from your competitors.

It can make your content stand out. Basically, it can make your content super cool and great.

I think you love that? If so, start using Images. Please remember that over the use of anything is bad and using images or videos in posts is not different.



Start using more images and videos in the post. I will talk about the sources from which you can get high-quality images.

6: Not avoiding complexity

making stuff complex

Many people think that complexity represents the intelligence and smartness of the person. Hance, many bloggers make things unnecessarily complex because they think that it makes other think that they (blogger) are smart.

However, it’s wrong. Albert Einstein, one of the smartest people of all the time, said:”If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well”

If Albert Einstein thinks that simplicity is better, then we should follow him.


Try your best to make things simple. Your goal is to spread your message not impress or show that you are smart.


7: Not Editing Content Properly

not editing the content

Another mistake that most bloggers make is that they do not edit their content properly. Even if you write high-quality content, spelling and grammar error can lower quality of the content.

Spelling and grammar error suggest your readers that your not serious about the content and you don’t care about the content.  

It sends a very bad message to the reader and it decreases their level of trust on you.

Grammar and spelling error can also make the content confusing. Grammar and spelling errors are only not the part of the editing.

You should look at other stuff as well. Like, facts or coherence between the ideas. Another important factor is the readability score, which measures the difficulty of the text.

It represents how much tough it will be for the readers to read the post. Many say that first draft is always trash. Yet, many of us don’t edit our posts properly.

It represents how much tough it will be for the readers to read the post. Many say that first draft is always trash. Yet, many of us don’t edit our posts properly.

It represents how much tough it will be for the readers to read the post. You can use free tools like readable.io.

You can put the text or input the post URL or upload the file. Here is the screenshot

blogging mistake readability score

I input the text directly.


blogging mistake input the text

Try your best to get the readability score above or at least 6. If you get A grade, then you are good to go. You can edit the text there as well.

blogging mistake getting the score

If you get A grade, then you are good to go.


Many say that first draft is always trash. Yet, many of us don’t edit our posts properly.


A solution of this problem is simple: edit and proofread your content before publishing it.

You can use tools like readability to know how much easier it will be for your readers to read your content and you can use Grammarly to check the spelling and grammar errors.

8: Not formatting the content properly

You did a great job by including images, excluding grammar and error. Congratulations. You are awesome.  

However, don’t forget to format your content properly before publishing it. The format of the content matters a lot.

It helps users navigate through the post. Your post you should not look like words randomly put to gather.

You should format it to make it easier for your readers to understand and navigate.

Many people use sub-heading to scan through article or post to know whether they want to read the post or not.

 So, that means writing catchy and compelling sub-headings can make users read your content.


Don’t worry if you have done this mistake. I am here to help you :). Here are the some of the things that can help you in formatting the content.

  1. Use subheading to indicate the major portions of the post and to give readers idea of what the post is about.
  2. You can make words bold or italic or even use colors to represent the importance of the specific word.
  3. Using bullet point can help you in explaining few points regarding about specific. Like I am doing!
  4. Properly space the paragraph and also the line height.

9: Organizing the data

Having data is great but if you don’t organize it properly, you are making it hard for readers to digest the content. Take it easy!


You should organize the data accordingly to make it easier for readers to understand and also to create coherence.

10: Waiting for perfect post: Never publishing content

never publishing the post

I talked about the people who don’t pay much attention and spend less time on creating content. Creating great content require time and it’s fine.

One should put effort to create the post. However, there are some people who overdo it. There is a limit of everything and you should know where that limit is.


Don’t spend too much time in creating content. Nothing is perfect. It does not exist and hence you will never get there. 

Even if you think that your post is great at the moment, the day will come when you will say it was not good. We all do that because we consistently improve ourselves. Hit that publishes button!!!

11: Lake of consistency

Consistency is the mother of innovation. Many bloggers are not consistent, which is not a good idea.

If you want to build authority, you need to be consistent in publishing the post. You can’t write few posts, then write another post after two months.

 If you want to become successful at something, then you got to be consistent at it. Also, don’t compromise quality over quantity as well.


Make a schedule that works best for you. And remember that quality matters most. So, don’t force yourself to write 10 low-quality posts.

If you feel comfortable in writing two great and epic posts in a week, that’s great. Two great quality posts can provide you more benefit than 10 low-quality posts.

12: Using Google Images

using google images

Okay, I promise this is the last point related to content creation or writing post. I can’t help since the content is king.

We have to admit that we all have been there, where we used pictures from Google in our blog post.

Most bloggers don’t know that they should not use Google images in their in blog posts. The reality is that if you didn’t capture the picture, you have no rights to use it.

It does not matter whether you like the image or is great fit your post.

The person who created or captured can decide who can use the image. As the times passes, most blogger finally understands this.

As a blogger, you should familiarize yourself with image licensing.

Through image license, you can know whether you can use the image without any restriction or you can use the image only under circumstances or you can’t use the image at all.


We are done with copyrights and law! Now, it’s time to know where you can find out images to use in your blog posts.

In order to use the image in your blog post, you should look for the image with “CCO”.

CC0 stands for Creative Common Zero License meaning anyone can edit it, distribute it or use it in posts.

Here is the list of my favorite website from which you can get images to use in your blog posts without worrying about copyrights issues.




You can get high-quality images from these sources.


13: Not Engaging With Audience

When you published great, people will like it and also share what they think or their experiences.

And if your response to them, you can build a solid relationship. Engaging with the audience is one of the best that you can do it build a solid relationship.

When you respond to people’s comment, it gives people feeling that you care about them, If you care others, then others will care about You as well.


All you have to do is to respond to your audience.  I suggest that you take 5-10 minutes daily to respond to people. It does not take much time. 

13: Lack Of Promotion

not promoting your content

This blogging mistake is very dangerous! Many bloggers work hard and spend a lot of time creating valuable and great content, but they don’t promote it enough or not at all.

Smart and successful bloggers spend 20% of time writing and 80% of time promoting their posts. It’s really important part of the process, yet most of the people ignore it.  

If you are a new blogger, it’s really important to promote your content.  If you don’t promote your content, no one is going to notice your content and that’s not what you want.

 If you don’t promote your content, no one is going to notice your content and that’s not what you want.


As a blogger, you should have a solid social presence and you should reach out to the people as well.

Try your best to promote your content as much you can. You can use facebook group, google plus communities, etc. 

The more time you spending promoting your content more value and reputation you will receive.

You should content the people who have shared content similar to your post.

For example, I am writing a post about bloggers mistakes. I am going to contact to people who shared the post like  6 bloggers mistake that you should avoid and other posts like that.

okay, it sounds great. But how do you find those people?

There are serval tools that can find the people who have shared the post.

Buzzsomo is one of those tools.

Go to the buzzumo.com and search the topic similar to yours.  In my case, I am going to write mistakes bloggers make.


buzzsomo search



You can’t do this in a free version. However, there is a trail that you can join.

Once you write your keyword, you have to click the search button. After you do that you will see the results.

buzzsumo results

You have to click the view share button.

buzzsumo final

You can do a bunch of cool stuff. You can view the links that these people have shared and you can easily follow them on twitter. From there you may find their contact information.

Some of those people have websites, you can visit their website and find their contact there.

This process is bit laborious and this can take some time as well. But it worth doing.

Another great Tool is Ninjaoutreach. It’s also a paid tool and you can also get a trial of 14 days.

Nineoutreach is one of my favorite tools for outreaching the people. Not only for this but for guest posting and other stuff.

Go to the ninjaoutreach, and login in your account. If you don’t have the account, click here to start your free the trial.

Once you login your account, click on the content prospecting.


After the put the URL of the page. You can put one of the top results in Google for your keyword and hit the search button.

You can also the free version of the Buzzsumo to find top shared content and from there you can get the curl. I am going to put one of the top results provided by buzzsumo.


It’s going to take around 60 seconds to fetch all users. You can use filters to get specific results.



Once you do that, hit the save all and save those people in the list. Nine outreach is going to find the contact information and you can easily contact them.

Nine outreach is going to find the contact information and you can easily contact them.

Furthermore, you can use an Auto sending option of Ninjaoutreah to send automatic emails.

Read this article by Neil Patel to know more about these tools.


15: Not capturing leads
Congratulations, you did a great job by following the things that I mentioned above about creating content.

Now, you have world class content that readers love and you are proud of that. I am also proud of you. However, my friend you’re still missing something important.

You are losing readers. You are not using leads to build the email list, which is trouble! Building list is the very important thing to do.

When someone visits your website, you should try your best to include that person in your email list.

If you do this, you can easily share your content with more people. Not random people but those who are interested in the topic that you write.

It’s true that many people don’t like to see pop-ups or stuff like that but you have to do it.

People like Neil Patel, who is every successful entrepreneur and internet marketer, highly recommended and he also uses it.  You should do it as well.


Create some valuable free reports to give people in return of their emails. It’s a win and win condition. People get valuable information and you get an email address.

16: Focusing too much or too less on SEO


focusing too much or too less on SEO

This is one of the blogging mistakes that can harm you most. Many bloggers focus too much to too less on SEO. Now, don’t get me wrong.

You should pay attention to SEO because it’s very important! However, trying to stuff the title and blog post with keywords is not good.

You are not going to get any good results from that.

One of the reasons behind is that Google and other search engines have been a lot smarter and sniffing keywords does not work anymore.

And if you are not optimizing titles and blog post for keywords, then it’s not good either.

Many people only focus on creating the eye-catching title and they don’t worry about the keywords that they want to rank for, which is not great. Hence, they never get good ranking.

So, what you should do?

Well, it all boils down to balance. Yes, my friend, it’s that simple. Try to put your main keyword, for which you are trying to rank, first and after that add a semicolon to write compelling stuff.

This is what I’m talking about.

Your main keyword: anything else you want to add.

17: Using free web-hosting

This is another big blogging mistake. Everyone loves free stuff. However, sometimes it’s not a good idea to use the Free Stuff.

Many bloggers make a mistake of using free web-hosting services. If you are not serious about blogging and you don’t want to earn money from your blog, then it’s fine to use free web-hosting.

However, if you are serious about blogging and want to make it your career, then you should invest in web-hosting.

Sites that end with .wordpres.com or .weebly or whatever site builder that you are using not only sound unprofessional but also affect ranking.

Not only that people won’t trust as well but also they won’t give their email address to you.

And the reason behind that is no one want’s to give their emails to someone can’t even afford web-hosting.

Another reason why you should not use free web-hosting is that your free web-hosting company can shut down any time it wants. You can lose your all data, which no one likes.


Web-hosting is not that much expensive as many people think. It cost as much as a cup of coffee for a month. There are many affordable web-hosting companies.

18: Not investing

If you want to make money from blogging, then you should invest. We have talked about investing in web-hosting but that’s only one part. Furthermore, that’s a must have.

However, there are many other things that you may need to invest. One can’t tell what should invest because every website has different needs.

The general rule of thumb is that if you come across something that can lower your work and can help you, then you should invest money in that.

I know that not everyone is rich and for some of us investing some money can be a heck of a big deal. But you have to do it.

There got to be some you can earn money in order to save for investing in something that helps you or makes things better for you. Read more here.


When you spend money on your website, you are not wasting it but making the investment. One day you will get the reward. So, start investing money!

19: Purchasing the Cheap links

purchasing cheap links

Purchasing the cheap links is another most common blogging mistakes. Investing money is great but you should not invest money in purchasing the cheap links.

You cannot rank well by the help of cheap links. It looks bit intimating to get thousands of links in few bucks and escape the hard work.

But the reality is different. You can’t rank by spending few bucks. If it were so easy, bloggers and companies wouldn’t spend hours working on SEO.

You can hire someone who knows a lot about SEO but purchasing cheap links is not a good idea. Trust me, it won’t work. You may get results in short term but you soon lose the ranking.


Stop purchasing the cheap links in order to increase your ranks. White hat SEO is not that hard if you do it properly.

Follow people like Dean Brain, who is the founder of Backlinko. He teaches simple but super effective techniques that can help you rank well.

20: Comparing your self-other: A great way to feel said

Everyone starts somewhere and no one become successful in a night. It takes time and effort. And the process of becoming successful does not have to painful. You can enjoy your small wins and I encourage you to do so.

Why wait for years when you can laugh and become happy right now. Comparing yourself with other is the worst thing you can do to feel unhappy.

Don’t get me wrong. You should follow the successful people in your field or niche and learn from them. But comparing them with your success is not gonna help you.


Becoming successful blogger is a journey and it’s up to you to enjoy it. You are not the first that is going through the process.

Don’t beat yourself up by comparing yourself with highly successful blogger.

Enjoy the moment. You are working and doing great. You are taking action and I am proud of you. I think you are great!

21: Not learning new things

not learning new things

Another blogging mistake that people make is that they stop learning. Don’t stop learning. You can learn more and improve yourself.

It does not matter where you are in the journey. You should never stop learning.

Most people stop learning after they get bit success, which is not good. Read books about blogging and also about becoming successful in general.


The best way to make sure that your expanding your knowledge is to set a time in the day in which you learn new things. You don’t have to do it every day. But create a schedule to learn new things.

You don’t have to do it every day. But create a schedule to learn new things.

22: Giving up ):

don't give up

If you an individual trying to become successful blogger, then you should read this section very carefully. Hey, you listen carefully: Never Ever Give up.

I don’t care what you do but giving up should not be an option. In fact, I want you to forget about two words: Give up and Impossible.

Things may get hard and they will get hard. You will fail and you will make mistake. Yes, it’s gonna hurt. People may laugh.

You may even doubt on yourself. But never give up. You can become successful.

This is one of the most important things to become successful.

If you don’t want like positive thinking, like everything will be fine or your good, then believe that there is Nothing that Training Can’t do.

 You can train yourself to become successful at anything you want. That’s not just positive thinking but reality. 

Also, you have to decide whether the pain and struggle are worth the reward you will get. Know, why you are doing this.

Is it because of your family members or you something else? Whatever it’s, write it down and whenever feel like giving up read those reasons.



I know that this is a long post and I have pointed out many things. You don’t have to implement each and everything right now.

Decide right now, what are the two blogging mistakes that you won’t make. And come back and do the same. 

I hope you loved reading the post as much as I did while writing.

Did I miss something? If so, post that in comment section and share it others so that they can avoid these mistakes 🙂


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