Affiliate marketing stats and trends [Infographic] of 2016

Hey, everyone! As we all know that affiliate marketing is growing constantly and it’s among the best ways to earn money online. I love it and that’s why decided to make an infographic about affiliate marketing stats 2016. It’s always great as an Affiliate marketer to read about the trends and statistics.

Wait a minute, do you know what is affiliate marketing? I guess most people who are reading this post are familiar with the concept of affiliate marketing. In case if you don’t know what is affiliate marketing, don’t worry because I am here to help you.

It is a process of earning commission by promoting other people’s products. Basically, the affiliate earns money for promoting products. Read more.

There are several advantages of affiliate marketing.


Benefits of affiliate marketing to Merchant

Easy advertisement 

Affiliate marketing gives easy access of your product’s adds. A large number of the audience can easily view your product hence bring desired customers. Most affiliates can display and make visible your product on the first page of Google without putting many efforts.

Less efforts

Marketing your product through affiliate site requires less struggle and time than marketing through other sources because these things are easily manageable by the affiliate network.

Foreign customers

Developing an affiliate marketing less amount of money or no money at all and with the affiliate marketing, your product can get easily reach to foreign market. Hence, affiliate marketing is highly suitable for wide range of products and services.

A secret!

Let me tell you a secret: I am feminist and that’s why I was very happy to see that 42.97% are females. I think it sends a good message to everyone. It’s showing that females are as much skillful and successful as male. Female affiliate marketers are really famous. Rae Hoffman and Missy Ward are the great examples.


How much money affiliates are earning?

Okay, let’s be honest to accept that we all love to earn money and it’s the biggest factor why many people like affiliate marketing. Most of the affiliates are earning under $20,000, which is not that bad.

However, it’s clear that one earn huge amount of money from affiliate marketing. It depends upon you.  3.16% affiliates are earning 150,000 or more than that, which is great. It proves points that I made. Most people underestimate the amount of money that affiliate earns.

ShareASale is on the top of the list

It didn’t expect this. ShareASale is on the top of the list of the affiliate networks used by an affiliate marketer. If you have never considered ShareAsale, you may want to check it out.

It’s motivating

I am not highly successful affiliate marketer and these stats are motivating. These stats are proof of the fact I or anyone else can become highly successful and make living out of affiliate marketing. If you are a beginner or you have struggled to make money, then don’t give up.

And tell yourself if other can earn huge amount of money from affiliate marketing, then you can also. It’s gonna take some time and hard work, but it’s possible. People like Harsh Agrawal are the great examples.  I also suggest that you read the book (Inside the Hustler’s Brain) by one of famous blogger Jitendra Vaswani. You can read more about his book Inside the Hustler’s Brain here.

Share it: you may inspire someone

Sharing is caring and I care about people a lot. Yes, I care about you as well :)!  You should share the infographic. Who knows, you may inspire someone to take action and start affiliate marketing. You can also use the infographic, given that you credit me (  as the source and don’t change the image. You can use the code given below to embed the infographic.


affiliate marketing stats 2016 infogprahic

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