checkout 51 reviews: is legit or scam?

Hello, everyone! I hope your doing well. I am back with another post! This post is all about: Checkout 51 review. Yes! That’s right. A lot of people are talking about Checkout 51 and that’s why I am writing this post. I don’t want to miss the opportunity of sharing valuable information that can help people in some way. Ok enough of that!

This is second app (Checkout 51 also have a website as well) that I am reviewing. I recently reviewed . I don’t know when people will understand that: You can’t make living or thousands of dollars with apps likes these. It’s not going to work. Sorry if it’s disappointing, but that’s the truth. And that’s the only thing (true stuff) I say and write. In case if you want to know about the best and my favorite way to make money online, then check out the link given below.



What is Checkout 51?

checkout 51
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Checkout 51 is a website (they have app is as well) that pays you for receipt of the item that you purchase from the store. They also have app that you can download for your smartphone. Well, the app is optional. This is coupon free app and website meaning you don’t to need to enter the promo code. You just have entered the receipt that you get after purchasing the products.

What items are available

You will find that most of the item are related to grocery items. Normally you will find products like milk packs and other related stuff. However, you may find some items related to beauty and health.

How much you earn from Checkout 51?

You will normally earn $0.25-$5 and amount of money you earn depend upon the item. The generic offers pay less than brand specific.

How to get started?

1: The first step is to create the account at the Checkout 51, which is really easy to do. All you have to do is to enter your email address and password or you can use your facebook account. Here is screenshot.

checkout 51 signup forum

After you create the account, you have to select your location.

checkout 51 location

You can do it manually or automatically. It’s only available in the U.S and Canada at the moment.

2: Once you have selected your location, you will have to choose an offer to get started.

checkout 51 offers


4: After you chose the offer, your account is all setup. Now you chose products from given list and upload the receipt to earn money.

checkout 51
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Uploading the receipt

Once you register yourself at Checkout 51, you can see the available offers. You can purchase the items from any store. However, they are some things you need to take care of.  And these things are related to receipt of the item that you purchased.

Your receipt must include following things

checkout 51 final step
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  1. Store name
  2. Store address
  3. Price paid
  4. Date
  5. Itemized list


After completing your shopping, make sure that you have the receipt. Checkout 51 app has a camera that you can use to upload the picture. Make sure that you take the picture of the entire receipt. If you won’t take picture of entire receipt, you may not get paid. This is what the uploading image page looks like:

uploading picture checkout 51

Once you have uploaded the picture of the receipt, you have to wait.Checkout 51 will take some time to verify and approve your receipt. This process can take up to 24 hours.

How does checkout 51 pay you?

You can only get the amount you earn from Checkout 51 by check. Once you have earned $20, you can request the check. Paying through check is freaking old way and it’s really time-consuming process. Why you use old ways that are time-consuming when you have better options like PayPal? My answer: I have no idea! Ask the company. Anyways, this process can take up to 14 days, which is not great.

What people don’t like about Checkout 51?

There are two things that tend to frustrate those who use it. I personally don’t give a damn shit about these types of an app because I am earning money by then best way possible. Anyways, here are two things that people hate about Checkout 51.

No other payment option is available option then check

No one happens to like the slow and tedious way to get cash, which is totally understandable. This process is very time-consuming, which is why people hate it. Think about it! You have to wait up to 14 days to get 20 bucks. In my view that sucks!

You can’t earn by referring Checkout to other people

I am an affiliate marketer and I love it! Well, one of the ways that people use to make more money on apps, survey sites, and other related stuff is: by referring other people. And Checkout does not have that. You get nothing even if you make others join the Checkout.


You don’t earn much no matter what

All of us like to invest time in something that pays a great amount of money. And this is something that you can’t get from this app. I believe that it’s fairly obvious that you are not going to make a good amount of money. However, I hear some complaining about this.


Is Checkout 51 scam or legit?

Yes, checkout is legit and many people are making money from it. If you have enough time to invest in an app like this, then checkout 51 is good.

My final thoughts on Checkout 51

Even though the idea of earning money without putting real effort sounds great, it’s not long term solution. Personally, I don’t spend time on app or sites like these because my time is worth way more than what I get from them. I and many other individuals, who have or want financial freedom, work towards something that is long term.

I have wasted an almost year trying to find a quick fix to earning more money, but it didn’t work the way I thought. Now, I am finally working on something that’s long term and will eventually provide me financial freedom. If your ready to put some real effort in order to get the lifestyle that everybody dreams off, then you should visit the link down below. Note that you won’t get that lifestyle from stuff apps or sites like checkout 51.

By clicking on the link, you will direct to another site, where you can learn the best way to make money online. And you can join it for free! And please note that it’s not get rich in one click stuff. You will have to work if you want to make a great amount of money online.

Remember: You can do it!

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