Inboxdollars review: Is it scam or legit?

Hey, everyone! I hope you are doing well. I am back with another great post.  As you know that I am not a big fan of earning from methods that are short term and does not provide a steady income. And survey sites is one of them. However, I review these sites to make people aware of the reality and help them in making good decisions. This post is going to be all about:  The Inboxdollar review.

I have done my research and registered myself to the Inboxdollars to give you an honest and non-biased opinion. Unlike many people, I don’t fool people. Okay, enough of that! Now, let’s get into the review.

History of Inboxdollars

Inboxdollar was founded in 2000 and in 2005 it was acquired by CotterWeb Enterprises Inc, which is a big firm and is linked with major companies like Netflix. This company also owns SendEarnings as well.

What is Inboxdollars?

The Inboxdollars is an online market research company. A market research Company helps other Companies by providing them information about their customers. Market research Companies are really important for the big Companies.

The reason behind that is quite simple. If companies know what their customers want and thing, then can provide high-quality products that their customers will love. And that will result in more sell! Hence big companies spend Million Dollars on Market Research. And that’s reasons why companies like Inboxdolllars pay you. I hope all this is making sense.

Ways you can make money at Inboxdollars

There are different ways from which you can earn money at Inboxdollars. You get the different amount of money for the different tasks that you complete.


Inboxdollars pays you for taking surveys, which is obvious. Taking surveys is most common way used by many users at Inboxdollars to make money. Surveys are available on different topics. Survey topics also depend upon the information you provide when you sign up.

The amount of money you earn one surveys also varies. Normally you earn $0.25 on each survey you take. Longer the survey more you will be paid. And the time required to complete varies also. Yes, everything seems to vary!

inboxdollars survey
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Searching through the internet is another way to earn money at Inboxdollars. If you are new to survey sites, then this may sound weird. But, this is one of the most common ways users make money at survey sites.


inboxdollars games
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Yet, another way to make money at Inboxdollars is by playing games. Not everyone likes to play the games, but those who do may find this interesting.  Yeah, it’s interesting and in my opinion and also A BIG WASTE OF TIME. Most of the time you spend more than 10 minutes to earn few cents, which is bad. They allow you paly games, which mostly related to casinos.


Yes, that’s true. You get money for watching the videos, which is very low for the time you invest.  According to Inboxdollars website, you have to click on Image of the given websites and watch all videos or complete activities. After you complete all activities or watch all videos, you earn few cents. Sounds total waste of time to me! I have no idea about the kind of videos will be available.  So, can’t anything about it.

Watching TV!

inboxdollars tv
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Not many companies offer this! Basically, you get money for watching TV. You earn as low as 1 cent for 1 minute, which is a total waste of the time. You can watch about different things. Topics include Trending, Celebrities, News, Tec and few others.

Offers and coupon

inboxdollars cupon
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Members of the Inboxdollars also get offers. You also get a coupon on specific products. Like all other methods, you don’t earn much. Most of the coupon are under $1.

I have no idea what exactly you have to do to get the money! There was the option, which is why I am mentioning this.


I think this is a really great strategy for making people open the emails. Inboxdollars offers you money on opening the email addresses. If you complete the task given in the email, you can few more cents.

Signup process of Inboxdollars

registration at inboxdollars


Like many other companies, Inboxdollars uses this technique to attract the people. Inboxdollars offers $5 for sign up. Now, don’t get excited because you are not going to at that money right away. People from different countries can register. I didn’t found any list of the countries. However, people from USA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA will get more benefits as compare to the other people from other countries.

Minimum Cashout

Minimum cashout refers to the minimum amount of money should earn to get the money. Different survey sites have different minimum cashout. At inboxdollars, you have to earn at least $30 to get the cash. Even though you get paid $5, you won’t be able to get the money. Minimum cashout is very high as compare to other survey sites. And according to many people experiences, it can take months to earn $30 at Inboxdollars.

Location-based promotions
According to Inboxdollars, you can earn money while you travel from your GPS. You can also get latest offers and discount from your favorite nearby stores.
How much money can you make?
If you have read any other post on this earnyfy, then you know that you cannot earn much money from the survey websites. It doesn’t matter which survey site you join. You are not going to make enough money from it. Many people have spent months taking surveys and they haven’t earned much money. And many people have left negative reviews about this company. It can take around 3 to 4 months for just earning $30.

What are things that people don’t like about the Inboxdollars?

There are many people who have used the Inbodollars for good amount of time and they have shared their experiences on serval review sites. Many of them have left the negative review and comments about the Inboxdollars.

1: The Minimum cash out at the Inboxdollars is high as compare to the others sites and Inboxdollars also pays less than other sites, which is why reaching at Minimum cash out can take months.

Many have said that they don’t reach the Minimum cash out even after spending over one month. I personally think that this is not good, and the effort you put to get $30 is really high.  Furthermore, your account can be canceled if you remain inactive for a week.

2: Payment method is really slow and it can take a week or more to get the money. Even after months of hard when you reach the minimum cash out, you have to wait still more. Who likes that? I guess, no one! So, you have to spend months to reach minimum cash out and then wait for even more to get the money.

3: Many people have also faced Screen Out problem. After spending few minutes (5-10), they receive the notice that said something like: Sorry but you not qualified for the survey. Hence people have wasted their time.  Many people faced this problem constantly, which is why they left the Inboxdollars. I personally think that one should be given at least some amount of money for one’s time and effort.

4: Whenever we face some sort of problem regarding some product or service, we normally contact the company or website providing that service or product. However, you are not going to get that for the inbox dollars. You can contact the Inboxdollars but you are not going to get quality service. Many people had serval issues and when they contacted the Inboxdollars team, they didn’t receive the support they deserved. One user of Inboxdollars didn’t receive the money after completing the surveys. He contacted the

Many people had serval issues and when they contacted the Inboxdollars team, they didn’t receive the support they deserved. One user of Inboxdollars didn’t receive the money after completing the surveys. He contacted the Inboxdollars but they didn’t help him in a way they should have.

5: Some people have also complained about the stealing of the personal information from Inboxdollars. Inboxdollars didn’t leak or used the information but someone else through Inboxdollars got the users personal information. I think this is not fair and very insecure.

What should you then?

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Even though Inboxdollars is not the scam, I don’t recommend it. I only recommended things that are long term and provide you more value. If you want to earn money online, then survey sites are not a good option. I believe that your time is precious and you should only invest your time in more valuable things than survey sites. If you still want to earn money from the server sites, then you should go ahead and do that.s are not the best choice. Definitely, you can few dollars here and there but is not going to give you the kind of the money you desire.

However, if you want to real financial freedom and want to make a living by earning money then you should try . You can get free it training in on affiliate marketing by following the link given below. Please note that you will be directed to another website from where you can get free affiliate marketing training.

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