Online marketing system: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a kind of reward based program, where affiliates are given a reward (paid) for advertising the product and fetching the customers.
The concept of receiving a commission by advertising other product existed even before the introduction of the internet. But the invention of internet added many new facilities to it and the process of become much easy.

CDNOW was the first to start affiliate marketing program called Buyweb in November 1998, which was based on an idea of click through purchasing.  It was biggest music selling company till amazon started selling music in 1998. It laid the concept of click and buy. Customers could see and review the list that interests them and licks on the given link for buying that product.


CDNOW has also continued to face loss, in part from the consequence of online music trading facilities. However, it made a hit with 4.2 million online users in February 2000. The number of users decreased readily and become 2.2 million in September.
CDNOW is currently run by amazon. Amazon now ships most of its orders. After CDNow begins to be operated by Amazon, it will still offer a revised version of that club, which will give members an additional 20 percent discount on discs for which there are club editions. All other CD’s will be sold at the same prices that Amazon charges.

Common terms used in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate: Affiliate is someone who earns commissions by promoting other people’s product. Many people also a call affiliates publisher as well.

Vendor: Vendor is the person who owns the product or who is the creator of the product.

Affiliate Networks

affiliate marketing example
Affiliate networks of the middle station between affiliate marketer and the product owner or vendor. Affiliate networks hepl in connecting affiliate marketer and the vendor at one place.
Here is an example to help you understand how all three work together.

affiliate marketing all together

In this example, Clickbank is an affiliate network and the person who created this product, who is Aaron Anastasi   the product owner,  and anyone who promotes this product is the affiliate. You can create the account at the ClickBank and you can promote this product. Promoting product a Clickbank is really simple. All you have to do is to click on the promote button.

Major components of becoming the Affiliate marketer

Choosing the niche.
One of the most important parts of the becoming an affiliate marketer is to choose the Niche. You can consider niche as topic or you can say it’s a category. It’s what you will be promoting. what kinds of product you will promote. If you are interested in losing the weight then you may want to promote the product related to the weight loss. In this case, weight loss is your niche.

Choosing the Affiliate Networks
Once to decide your niche, next step is to choose an affiliate program or network. There are many affiliate networks.
Here is the list of the top 5 affiliate networks?

1: Amazon
2: Shareasale
3: Clickbank
4: CJ
5: eBay partner network

As a beginner, I think Clickbank is a good choice. Clickbank is really simple and almost anyone can join it.
Choosing the product
In this step, you have to decide which product that you will promote. If you have chosen Clickbank as an affiliate network, then this guide can help you in finding a great affiliate product at Clickbank.

Keyword research
The next step in the process is to do keyword research. In the keyword search, you try to define what people are looking for and what they want. You can watch this video to know more about keyword and keyword research.

Creating website and Writing the content
Most of the affiliate marketers use the websites to promote other people’s products. However, it’s not necessary. You can promote the product without having a website. If you have decided to create the website, then you have to write the content as well. You can read this guide to know about content writing and website building.
Okay, congratulations you have created a website with high-quality content. The final and the most important step is to do SEO. You can read this post to know more about SEO.

How big is affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing has grown into a Gigantic industry and people are benefitting from it. Affiliate marketing is going to grow into the industry of 8.6 million dollars in next 6 years (research was done in 2016), which is huge.

Final Thoughts About Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing websites

One of the best things about the Affiliate marketing is that simple and anyone can do it. Most of the companies use affiliate marketing in order to get more sells.

If you are new to the Internet marketing and want to earn money online, then affiliate marketing is one of the best options. It has been proven by many people and by following the successful Affiliate Marketer, you can also become a Great Affiliate Marketer.
This is it for this post and I hope you have enjoyed and found it helpful.

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