paidviewpoint review: scam or legit?

Hello guys! I hope your doing well. I searched through internet and noticed that paidviewpoint is among the famous survey site, and many people seem to love the site.So, I decided to review it. If you have read my any post about online surveys, then you know that I am not big fan of them, and normally I don’t recommend survey site to people.

I write these post because I want to aware people about the Truth and save their time.

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Is paidviewpoint legit?

Many people think that no one make money by taking surveys, and there are no legit survey sites. Fortunately, this is not true! Paidviewpoint is legit survey site that is operated by aytm (ask your target market), and it’s very famous in survey industry. There many people who are money from it. So, yes it’s an legitimate survey site.


⦁ Registration is free
⦁ Weather you can join it or not is depend upon your location. You can know it after verifying your account, and answer first few questions.

⦁ Before earning any money you have to verify your account.

⦁ you will receive $1 upon completing the registration.


Traitscore is measure of how well paidviewpoint knows you. You can increase your traitscore by taking surveys that paidviewpoint offers. In order to receive more survey with good prize, your Traitscore should higher, and paidviewpoint have threshold (1000 Traitscore) that you can reach in order to become 10% elite members.

Good thing about traitscore is that you will only receive surveys that you can take. On many survey sites you take survey, and after answering few question or after completing survey you receive message that would say something like this: Sorry your not eligible for this survey.

This is big problem for people who take online survey, but paidviewpoint has really great system for this problem. If your serious about making money on paidviewpoint, then should aim for Traitscore of  1000.

Ways you can earn money

Taking surveys

You can make money on paidviewpoint by taking surveys, and amount you can earn depends upon the lengthy of  survey and your Traitscore. One of the positive point people like about paidviewpoints is that surveys don’t take much time, normally you can finish surveys within few minutes.

Number of  surveys you can take, and their prize depends largely upon your Traitscore,so, if you want to make money through paidviewpoint, then you should work on your trait score. Don’t lie because if they notice any pattern or any other similar activity they won’t provide you many surveys. I am not sure about this one, but I guess it does make sense. These companies must have system to detect such activities,so, be careful with that.

Referral program

Another way to earn money is to invite people to join the paidviewpoint. You can invite people in three ways:
•social networks
•Url that they provide.

You can earn $25 on inviting people, and you also get 20% of what they make on paidviewpoint. You will not affect the others earning (person whom you invite will get 100% of he or she earns), and 20% is bonus from paidviewpoint. So, don’t worry about taking someone else money. If someone earns $50, then  you will get $10. This is way more higher than other survey site, and the best way to earn on paidviewpoint.

Minimum cash out

The minimum payout is $15, which  is high, and you only receive money on your paypal account. If you don’t have paypal account, you can’t get paid. This is good because most us want to get paid through paypal, however, if paypal is not available in your county then you should look somewhere else.

Final Thoughts

I have mentioned this a lot of time, but if you really want to make some good money online then survey is not the best option. However, as compare to other site paidviewpoint has very positive review, and money people are happy with it. Now, weather you should join it or not is depends upon you.

You have to  decided weather time you have invest is worth the prize you are going to receive.I don’t recommended it because your not going to earn much or you may not earn any money. I don’t spend my time on survey site because I can earn way more in less time through other ways.  Thanks a lot for reading the post, and please feel free comment below any questions and your experience. So that we can help other as well.

Better way to earn money

Surveys are not the best way to earn money, and chances are you will end up wasting your time.  I think your time is very valuable don’t waste it on something that is not going to work.

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