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Hello, everyone! I am back with another great post. This post is different than other posts. In this article, I will talk about the best and top Affiliate Marketers. This is one of my favorites posts! I will list the most successful affiliate marketers who once were not rich. This is really a great source of inspiration, and it also proves that one can make a huge amount of money from . ­­ I hope you will enjoy reading this post as much I am while writing it. I am going to start with bit introduction in case if you don’t know anything about affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is really simple.  All you to do you select a product and then promote it. And you earn on commission because of the promoting the product. Yes, the affiliate marketing in the nutshell. It is simple yet very powerful and it is among the best ways to make money online. You can read this post.


Common terms used in Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketer: someone who earns commission by promoting other people products

Vendor: Vendor is the product owner.

Affiliate Network: Affiliate network serves as the middle station between Affiliate marketer and the product owner.


Most important things in order to become the Top Affiliate marketer.


These tips are not technical but if you don’t have these things you will not get much or anything from affiliate marketing. The mindset is really important in affiliate marketing.


You got to work and put some effort

Many people believe that earning money online is child’s play and it does not require much work, which is wrong. In the beginning, you have to work hard so that you can earn money. As time passes your word Load will become less and it would become much easier.


This is something that I learn from Mark Ling in one of his affiliate marketing courses. He said that most people fail because they don’t have patience that is required to become the successful Affiliate marketer. If you want to be very successful, then you need to have patience. You have to wait to see the result.

Learn from people who really successful

This is something that I learned from one of the highly successful affiliate marketers in the industry. His name is Stefan Pylarinos and he is also a successful Youtuber. He shared this tip in one of his videos. He said that learn from the people who are very successful. Not from the people who are struggling or are making few hundred dollars here and there.


List of Top Affiliate Marketers

1: John Chow

jhon chow

The first person on the list is really famous and has a made blog that got over 200k views in one year. Jhon cow is the highly successful affiliate marketer and you can learn a lot thing about making living out of affiliate marketing from him. He can teach you because he started making $40000 from a blog, which had no views, in just two years. I believe that it’s really great and exceptional! He is the owner of the and also then founder of TTZ Media, Inc. He has been on the various TV shows and the radio.


2: Mark Ling

mark ling

The second person in the list Top Affiliate Marketers is Mark Ling. Mark Ling is the person who has taught me  Affiliate marketing. He is a Highly successful affiliate marketer and started affiliate marketing in 1999. Mark has an earned millions of dollars from affiliate marketer and created some really great products. He is the owner of very famous affiliate marketing training site called Affilorama. Mark also founded an SEO tool called traffic Travels which is very famous. He is very famous for affiliate marketing strategies and for personality development.



3: Missy Ward

missy ward

Missy ward has been in te internet marketing industry from over a decade and has helped many people in growing their businesses. He is widely famous for Affiliate Summit Corporation, which was founded in 2003.  Today affiliate summit is worth of the Millions dollar. Yes, that’s is the power of hard work over a long period of time. She is also the highly successful writer. Not just that Missy also co-founded itsaWAHMthing, and she also runs many other affiliate sites.


4: Rae Hoffman

rae hubffman

Rae is one of the most famous names in affiliate marketing industry.  She has been online marketer and entrepreneur for more than 14 years. is her main and most famous website. She has been the CEO of Sugarrae from 19 years! Rae is also SEO specialist and marketing master. She is also a regular speaker at Pubcon, SMX, Affiliate and more. Many people also consider her productivity master as well. On she has shared his journey.


5: Shawn Collins

shawn colon
Shawn Collins is a guy who co-founded Affiliate Summit and he has been very successful. He started affiliate marketing in 1997, which is the year I was born! He is really famous for his writing skills and has written several books. Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants is one of his famous books. Shawn writes regularly at his blog called “Affiliate tip”. And he also has a youtube channel. He was one of the Top Marketer in Austin (March 2016) and top 29 experts you should follow on LinkedIn and Twitter( September 2014).


6: Johnson Zac

jhon zexh

The sixth person in the list of Top Affiliate Marketers is Jhonson Zac. John zac is a self-taught entrepreneur who began affiliating marketing at the age of fifteen. He is a successful affiliate blogger and product creator since last has been last 18 years.  He is now the owner of multiple businesses including,, and – Zac also runs the highly popular podcast ‘Rise of The Entrepreneur’. One of Zac’s several achievements includes his story of “How I Made $860,538.38 Profit in 4 Months!” from one website.


7: Pat Flynn


Pat Flynn is also one of those guys who has earned millions through affiliate marketing. He has earned $3 million in last six years. He is famous for using his skills and he is the mastermind behind Smart passive income blog and podcast.


8: Ian Fernando


The eighth person in the list of Top Affiliate Marketers is Ian Fernando.Ian was a college drop out who then turn into a highly successful affiliate marketer and entrepreneur. After leaving the college, he didn’t know what he should do. He got the job and he used to work from 9-5. And then he becomes interested in internet marketing. He is also famous for speaking and traveling.

9: Mathew Woodward 


Matthew Woodard is one of the award winner blogger and SEO masters. He has done research and worked on 40 websites in the recent years.

10: Dc Fawcett

Last but not least person in the list of Top Affiliate Marketers is DC Fawcett. He is the owner and founder of paramount digital publishing. He teaches about how to expand business and make money from it.

That’s it! I hope you find this post about Top Affiliate Marketer help and inspiring. I know that process of becoming very successful at affiliate marketing can be bit rough. However, you have to focus on long-term results and what kind of lifestyle you will have. If you keep working, then you will get eventually get financial freedom. And you will be living life your dreams. Stay bless and inspired. Please Remember: You can do it and NEVER GIVE UP.

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