Vindale research review: Is it legit or just another scam? Revealed

When it comes to online surveys there are tons of site out there that are trying to catch your attention but not all of them are legit.Vindale research is the New York based survey research company, and it’s the oldest out there. In this post I am going to review vindale research If your interested in earning online money, then you should check out link below.

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Vindale research is legit site, and you can earn money with it. It has been on internet for years and there are money who are earning form about it.  It has paid  over to 5 Million to their members, but it’s no t great way earn money.

Who can join it?

Registration is free, but not everyone can join it. I tried but I didn’t find name of countries, so, I can’t much it. But, people from US, Australia, and few other (Not sure ) have advantage.  You have to conform your email address in order to access surveys. Here is screen shoot of email I received.


How you can make money on vindale research

Vindale research has different ways from which you can make money.


I guess you know about this one. You can earn around $0.5 on every survey you take, but survey cost will vary. General rule of thumb is that more time it takes to complete more you can earn.  In order to get most and best surveys you have to complete the personal information surveys. You also get $2 when you complete surveys related to your profile information.


You can also earn money by inviting others to join the vindale research, and this probably the best way. You will earn $5 each someone join the vindale research.  If your going to join vindale research, then is really fastest way to make money in less time.

Vindale videos

Yes that’s right. You earn money by watching videos, and you can earn around $0.25 on each videos.  Most videos are short.

Cash contest

Another way to earn money on Vindale research is to participate in cash contest. You can earn up to $15 by it.

Email Rewards

If you join vindale research, then your going to receive email. Well, this can be annoying for some people, but you can earn money by opining and interacting with advertisement. You can earn up to $0.10. I personally haven’t received any Email related to advertisement, but many people are saying they receive advertisement emails. Here screen shoot of emails I receive.

email confomation

As you can see I have only received emails related to surveys.

Submitting a payment photo

You can earn $5 on submitting you picture with payment you receive. Vindale research pays you because through this it gains users trust.


People from certain countries can get coupon and discount on different things.


Rewards Codes

Another way to earn money on Vindale Research is through Rewards Codes. Vindale Research posts codes on Blog, and on social pages, and one Redeem Codes for cash. Users can also get information about Polls, Contest, challenges, etc on the Blog, and Social pages

What people are saying about it?

1: Minimum cash out is $50, meaning you have earn $50 in order get money. This is very high considering the amount users get paid on surveys and other stuff, and it’s also way more than most survey sites.

2: Most of the times you will get message at end of or during survey that would say something: Sorry your not unqualified for the survey.  This happens a lot, and it has happen a lot of time to when I was testing it. Here is screenshot of page I was redirected.

screen out on vindale

Here is what how some users describe their experience

I am quoting them here.

“I just completed one month with Vindale Research and man was it regrettable. It’s too hard to qualify for surveys. Most of the surveys you take will either be filled or you won’t qualify and what’s worse about it, they don’t even have the surveys listed in earliest to latest format so you won’t know which surveys are probably open. They take forever to verify your surveys and then sometimes they take it back from you — I don’t know why. Stupid website, don’t waste your time.”

“Takes forever to get to the minimum $50 cash out. It’s a waste of my time, usually tells me I’m unsuccessful when I’ve done most of the survey or says it’s full. The amount of money rewarded for some of the surveys are not worth my time. 28 cents for 10 minutes or 58 cents for 20 minutes, no thank you! There are so many other online surveys that pays better than this.”

Should you join Vindale research?

Vidale research is legit site, but that does not mean it’s great site to earn money. Even if you want to make money with surveys, this is not the best options.

I have provided you everything you should know, but it’s up to you to decided weather money you will earn is worth effort and time you will put. I don’t recommended this site.

I personally don’t like the idea of earning with surveys, and there are better ways to earn money. If you are interested in earning money in better way please click on button below. Thanks a lot.

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