Vivatic review: is it legit or scam?

Hello, everyone, I am back with yet another post that will save you time and provide you valuable information. This post is all about: the Vivatic review.  If you have read me any other post on the survey sites then you know that I am not a big fan of them and I personally don’t like the idea of earning money from the Survey sites. I review the surveys sites to make people aware of the reality. Anyways, let’s get into the review.


Is Vivatic a scam?

No, it is not a scam and we can make few dollars from this website. Although it’s a legit site, you’re not going to make a huge amount of money from this website.

What is Vivatic?

Vivatic is the website where you can earn money by completing different tasks. The amount of money earn depends on the task and time it requires to complete that task. According to their website, they help people in earning money online by providing them the different task.


Ways you can make money at Vivatic

There are different ways from which you can make money at this website. There is one thing that makes this website different from other survey sites. Normally survey sites don’t include tasks like data entry or article writing. But you can earn money by writing and from some other ways on Vivatic.



One of the ways to make money at this website is to take paid service. Surveys are available on a different topic and it also depends upon the information that you provide after you sign up. The time required to complete the survey also differs from survey to survey. Most of the time you earn around $1 or less for completing the survey. However, it can vary depending upon the time it takes to complete the survey

Keep in mind that Vivatic is not a market research company. A market research company helps other companies in getting information about what their customers think and want. As their name suggest, they research the market to get information about specific product or thing. Vivatic takes surveys from other major survey sites, most of which are market research companies.

Vivatic review
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As you can see in the picture, you have to signup for the listed survey sites, some of which I have reviewed. And you also have to provide some information about yourself. The amount of money you earn depends upon the survey sites. If you click on the take survey button, you will either land on the survey site page or

vivatic survey site

you will receive this message.  In the second case, you have to verify your Paypal Adress.

vivatic join the site


Article writing

You can also make money by writing articles on different topics. Basically, this website receives the project from another source and then it provides those project to the customer. One cannot surely say what topics will be available. You will be given the topic and then you have to research and write an article on the topic in order to earn money. According to their website, your article should be valuable and should meet the standard of the website. There was no rules mention on their website.

Keep in mind that you can’t get the writing job right away. You have to complete some tasks in order to get the writing jobs. Here is a screenshot.

vivatic task
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Once you click on available jobs, you will be directed to another.

vivatic cloudflare
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And you have to connect your facebook account to continue, which is I didn’t! I only have one facebook account and I can’t provide my information like that! You have to complete around 20 of these tasks to qualify for the writing jobs. There is no need of my personal information for writing jobs. If you Viviatic wants to check whether someone is capable of writing or not, then you should have tested about English language or tests related to writing. This does not make any sense, which is why I didn’t connect my Facebook account.


Referring Vivatic to others

Another way to make money at Vivatic is to refer it to others. You will get a unique link and whenever someone joins Vivatic through that link, you will earn money. If I post link provided by Vivatic to me here and someone joins the Vivatic from the link that I posted, I will earn money. It’s is similar to . You can use your email, facebook account or other social account or blog to refer the Vivatic. You don’t get money right away. You will earn $ after the person who signup using your links earns at least $ at Vivatic. I think it’s really bad because it can take a long time for anyone to make $ at Vivatic. I think one should receive the money right away.

You can use your email, facebook account or other social account or blog to refer the Vivatic. You don’t get money right away. You will earn $2.50 after the person who signup using your links earns at least $ at Vivatic. I think it’s really bad because it can take a long time for anyone to make $12.50 at Vivatic. I think one should receive the money right away.

Cash Offers 

Let’s start with how this way of earning money works. Companies set offers and these companies pay the Vivatic commission every time someone accepts the offer. Vivatic earns money this way and it shares a small portion of what they earn with you.

There are three type offers.


These are free and you don’t need to provide your credit card details for these offers. However, you may be asked to provide the email address and phone number. Normally, you will receive phone calls and emails after you accept these offers. Most of the free offers don’t require any details are the ones who ask you to signup for another Survey sites.

Free but requires credit card information

These are also free offers but they require you to provide your credit card information. Many of these offers are trails, which you may be charged after a certain number of days if you don’t cancel your subscription. This can lead to dangerous results.

Paid offers

Paid offers are very common in casino and bingos, where you have a certain amount of money to earn a certain amount of money. You may pay $10 to earn $13. Sometimes you will get less money than the deposit, which is bad.

Tasks and Join a site

According to Vivatic, you can also make money by completing tasks. Tasks can vary. These are the same task that you receive when you try to access the writing jobs. You can also make money at Joining the sites. There is not much information available regarding the Joining the sites. Here is a screenshot that you may find helpful.

vivtatic task

Polls and competitions

You can also make money at Vivatic through Polls and Competitions. I think you have to answer the question related to something in order to earn money. You get $0.12 for every 10 polls, which is very low. Keep in mind that it can take a long time to earn just one dollar.

vivatic polls


Data entry and other ways to make money at Vivatic

According to the website, you can earn money by completing the different task, which includes Data Entry and few others. The amount of money you can on these tasks is not mentioned. The time required to complete task also varies.

You can also make money by proofreading and writing blog post. Blog posts are different from articles. Again, the amount of money you earn and time required to complete these tasks were not mentioned on the website. Normally it can easily take around 1 hours or more than that to complete these tasks.


Minimum Cash Out and Payment Method

Minimum cash out is the minimum amount of money required to get the Cash. Minimum Cash Out at Vivatic is $25, which is a lot as compare to the other sites. If you earn $10 at Vivatic, you won’t be able to get the money. You have to earn the minimum of $25 to get the money to your Account. You have to put a lot of effort to reach that point. Vivatic pays through Paypal and it’s only method available.


Tasks are too long

Vivatic uses Crowdflower, which is a Crowdsourcing platform. Crowdsourcing platforms help in assigning specific sets of jobs to a large number of people. Normally, a number of tasks are very high, which is why on can’t assign a team for the task, and these tasks can’t be completed by Computer. So, they need humans to complete the jobs. Jobs, like reviewing a logo or jobs about image, which a computer can’t do.

Number and Type of task depend upon the Badge level. Badge level ranges from 0 to 3. One can earn more money with High Badge level. The amount of money you earn on task and the number of available tasks depend upon the badge level.

Registration process of Vivatic

According to Vivatic, you can earn  £1 for signing up. Now don’t get too much excited because you are not going to get that money right away. In order to get the case, you have to read the minimum payout. It can take months to reach the minimum payout on the survey sites. People from many countries can join the Vivatic.

Screen out problem

Many times you will face the screen out the problem. Basically, you will get nothing for spending time on surveys. Normally it happens after you spend some time taking the survey. And after that you receive a notification that says something like: thank you for trying but you are not qualified for this or something like that. So you will get this nothing and your time will be wasted.


Final thoughts

I do not recommend Vivatic or any other survey sites for earning money. I have wasted a good amount of time on the survey sites and on things that just don’t work. And I don’t want you to do the same thing. There are many other ways to earn money online. One of the best ways to make money online is affiliate marketing.

This is my favorite method to make money online. If you are interested in learning something that you provide you financial freedom then follow the link given down below. Keep in mind that its not get rich in one click method.You have to put some effort and time to earn money from Affiliate Marketing, but it’s something that you can trust. Please note that you will be directed to the another website from where you can learn affiliate marketing for free.

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    Really an informative article about the vivetic reviews, As per my personal experience their are many companies doing the same type of work in market some of them are really a scam but i haven’t tried vivetic personally as it is new to me, I will definetly share my reviews after my personal experience.
    Thanks for the informative article.

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